About Me

I am a multidisciplined creative. I help brands communicate their identity through different mediums.

With over 10 years of experience, I offer a comprehensive service covering graphic design, creative consultancy, textile design and photography.


In recent years, I have expanded my expertise into the world of Web3, which has opened up exciting new possibilities for design and branding. With the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, there is a need for well-designed interfaces, logos, and branding that can help differentiate Web3 products and services from the competition. As a designer in blockchain  ‘crypto industry’, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that this industry presents, and I am committed to helping my clients build strong and recognizable brands in this space.

My Background

Whilst gaining a degree in textiles from Chelsea College of Arts I worked in the fashion industry, manufacturing textiles for couture brands. This gave me an intimate understanding of the importance of the creative process and the nuances in each stage. I then moved into high-street fashion shortly after where I held creative roles across the globe, from London to Hong Kong. Rising to senior creative I held responsibility for graphic design, brand management, website management, and product presentation.


I enjoy being the link between brands and their clients, enabling communication through a creative process. This passion for contributing new and innovative ideas to help businesses and brands communicate their story and harness their potential led me to develop my expertise. This remains the core offering in my service.


In prior roles had lead responsibility for product photography, later leading into fashion and lifestyle photography. I have continued to pursue this area and apply a creative flair to my photographic assignments. My assignments remain varied, from touring with bands as their ‘on the road’ photographer to a taking creative lead on business-orientated headshots.


I work with established corporates as well as small brands and start-ups. I often find that I am the missing link for many of these businesses, as not only am I able to add value through creative vision, but I contribute new and innovative ideas on how to communicate their stories to build out there brand.


Why work with me?

I take great interest in peoples work, their lives and their ideas. My creative process is collaborative; the first and most important step is to understand your company and what you are trying to achieve. I then bring you onto a collaborative journey that creates maximum impact with meaningful outcomes for your business needs. Success does not come overnight and I am often retained by clients who seek continuity from a creative who understands their identity.

I have developed a range of skills throughout my career. This means I am extremely well placed to advise on and execute, the required outcome for your company regardless of project size. This could be providing a comprehensive consultancy service or simply creating single-use content. My broad and well-developed skillset enables an efficient and transparent service where you only need to deal with one creative.


No matter the project size, I work tirelessly and efficiently to create content which helps your brand come to life. I avoid taking on more work than I can handle so that my clients always have my full attention and efforts.

My Clients